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OperationsCommander has an upcoming maintenance release. This is scheduled to release to client preview sites on 06/27/17 and to client production environments on 07/10/17. 

What's included?

The following setting has been migrated to the new settings editor. You can view and edit this setting now:

  • System Timeout - This controls the time limit before Admin users will be logged out after X hours of inactivity.

To access this setting:

  1. Hover over the System Config menu. From the drop down list click on System Settings

  2. From the Manage System Settings page click on General System Settings to display the settings which include System Time Out.
    You may select 1 Hour, 2 Hours, 3 Hours or 6 Hours.


The following permissions have changed to further limit access to sensitive areas:

  • The permission to Merge Vehicles and Users has now been separated from the others. You will need the 'Manage Duplicates' permission to have that functionality.

  • OPS # / Search has been isolated as a permission from Incident Admin

  • The permission to 'reopen own incidents' has been separated from Incident Admin permissions

An update to the mobile enabled user side Payment View has been included. You now can view payment details by clicking on the payment in the User History. See the screenshot below:

OperationsCommander is now offering
dedicated web training sessions.