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titleWhen do we use this?

If an individual does not want to create and an account or enter personal information when paying a violation they have the ability through Anonymous Payment to pay for a ticket without having an account.


In our test scenario we have ticket #11-00011-58 (Note: Ticket number is 11-00011 and -58 is the PIN)

Written against Vehicle ABC321 User: William Ryan

  1. To begin go Go to the Login page on user side of the system:

  2. Enter the ticket number including the PIN number in the appeals field (11-00011-58)

  3. Click on 'Check'. The Violation Ticket Login screen appears. Note the link to "anonymous payment"

  4. Click on "'anonymous payment" ' to display the Payment Due window.
    Notice  Notice the Anonymous Payment Message will appear at the top of the page.

  5. Click on 'Proceed to Payment'. The Screen will refresh . The and the Payment Option selector will now appear on the page.

  6. Select AuthorizeNet as the Payment Option and enter the user's email address.

  7. Click 'Submit Information'. The Tomahawk University Parking and Security Credit Card form opens.
    Fill  Fill in the required information. 

  8. Click on 'Pay Now. ' The system sends the payment and displays the word "sending"
    . The screen refreshes and you are returned back to the main login screen.