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The OperationsCommander team is pleased to announce the release of our improved handheld software. This software, previously known as ParkAdmin, is now branded OPS-COM for Android and it is better than ever. Please review the new functionality implemented in this release.

LPR/OCR Capability 
Now you can capture and recognize plate numbers using the camera function on the handheld devices. To do this line up the plate with the rectangle and long press the screen to take a shot.

If the plate is recognized it will be found in the database. 
Note the green check mark indicating the vehicle has a valid permit for this area.

Easy access to Permit Information
Quick easy access to permit information is now available from the handheld; both from the listed vehicles as well as detailed information.


Tapping on the green lot name button brings up basic information about the permit.

Lot Groups and Virtual Zones
The system now allows for virtual lots with multiple zones that can be configured differently for specific times.

Additional detailed information is available to the officer from this screen:

Sync Reminder
A flashing bar appears at the top of the screen indicating data is available to be synced

Virtual Chalking
An officer is now able to virtually chalk a vehicle by using a combination of GPS technology and the camera function to tag the location and time stamp information.

Province and State Selectable 
Now systems on both sides of the border have an expanded list of plate locations. For our Canadian customers Provinces will be listed first with States second and vice versa for our US customers.

Increased Number of Images Allowed
Multiple images are now allowed you are no longer limited to 2.

Improved Temp Permit Support

Support has been improved for Temp permits for CALE, Text2Park and T2