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When do we use this?

Permit States are applied to let Administrators, and Enforcement Officers know the status/state of a permit - Example: If a permit has been stolen, it would be registered in a "Stolen" state.


  1. Click Admin OptionsParking and "Permit States".
  2. The Permit State Administration page displays. 
  3. To add new permit states, select "Add New" from the drop-down menu, and click "Go".  Enter the name of the Permit State in the text box, and press "Add New".
  4. To edit a permit state, select the permit state you wish to edit in the drop-down menu, and click "Go". Make your desired changes in the Permit State text box and click Update to save changes.  To delete a permit state, select the permit state you wish to delete in the drop-down menu and click "Go". When the page refreshes, click the Delete button to delete your selected permit state. 




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