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When do we use this?

The Merge Vehicles option is used to combine two vehicles into one vehicle.
It can also be used when a Vehicle has outstanding violations and a User has added the vehicle (with violations) to their account. This will associate the vehicle to the User and bring along all the violation history to the User.

For more information about why vehicle duplicates occur. Read this wiki article.


1. Hover over the 'User Management' icon and then 'Vehicles'. Click 'Merge Vehicles'.

2. Enter the partial, or full vehicle plate information for the two vehicles that you want to merge and click the 'Search' button.

3. Select the secondary vehicle(s) to be merged (left) and select the primary vehicle to be merged into (right). Click the 'Merge' button.  

    Confirm that you want to merge the vehicles.

4. A confirmation screen will appear when the merge is complete.


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